About TRI 24 Engineering

Tri 24 Engineering Co., Ltd, a Thai company, was founded on February 2004, with its reputation, tradition and expertise linked to the E.24 Group of Bangkok. The E.24 group has vast and solid experience in M&E construction all over Thailand which resulted to Tri 24 Engineering Co., Ltd.gaining the trust of many developers and main contractors at Phuket, mainly for its professionalism, dedication and customer oriented philosophy. Tri 24’s engineers are experts in all aspects of M&E installation and have worked in different environments all over Phuket island such as hotels, villas and resorts. Tri 24’s commitment to safety, quality and adherence to engineering standards and best practices forms the basis of its solid reputation among the engineering community.

Safety Management

Safety is an integral part of the responsibilities of every manager and employee in an organization. The major responsibilities are inherent in the responsibilities and authorities of staff and line managers who design and implement the organizational/operational system within which employees must perform.
Our company target to achieve the most important thing that make project:

    • SAFER
    • BETTER
    • FASTER

This is our ultimate goal.

Office & Storage

We put all extra things in safekeeping.

Staff house

We support our staff for best quality of life and they happy to work with us.